What Are At-risk Children?

What Are At-risk Children?

At-risk Children are children who are not in ideal situations. This can mean children living in poverty, children living in abusive households, children that are being neglected, and basically children who are not getting the care they need. Community Access Network, Inc. is a Social Services Organization in California that aims to provide children with a way out and a way to reach their maximum potential. These kids never asked for the struggles they are facing. So it is our mission to help them escape these challenges, so they can live the life they deserve.

  1. At Risk Children

    At risk children may not be able to reach their full potential for many reasons. Due to an abusive father, they may end abusing their peers resulting in jail time. A neglectful mother could have children looking for friends in the wrong places which lead them to take drugs. Poverty could lead children into the life of crime and gangs. This is what at risk means. It means children who are at the edge, and a simple nudge could knock them off into a life they do not deserve.

  2. How We Are Helping

    We are assisting these children through a number of ways. We are a Youth Development Center that aims to give kids the resources and the opportunities they need to rise above their circumstances. One way to do this is through foster parents. We can get children who are living in awful conditions and nightmarish households and place them with loving and caring families. The love that these families can provide these children can really change their lives. When you receive attention after years of neglect, it can feel like a miracle. It can make you feel like you are worth something. And for these kids, that is everything.

If you are interested in learning more about our services or about how you can help these children, feel free to browse through our website. Also, if you are interested in asking us any questions, you can also call us at 951-279-3222. It is time to give these kids the opportunities they need to thrive and succeed.

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