Helping At-risk Children Succeed

Helping At-risk Children Succeed

There are many children across the nation living in households that are filled with violence, neglect, and poverty. These kids have huge potentials and they could very well be our society’s next leaders, thinkers, and they could change the world. But if we do not give them the opportunities to succeed, they will never reach their highest potential. Community Access Network, Inc. is a Social Services Organization in California that focuses on providing children the ways to a better life.

Many at-risk children do not have access to schools or places that can lift them up to new heights. Our Community Organization aims to change that. We provide:

  1. Mentors: Many of these kids do not have someone they can look up to. It is our goal to make sure we can provide them with a mentor. Our mentors will help show these kids the right path and ensure they are able to climb out of their terrible situations.
  2. Aggression Replacement Training: Many at-risk children are aggressive. This is because of the abuse and neglect they suffer through every single day. They take out their frustration on other people and on their peers. Through our training, we can help children let go of this aggression and focus on better things instead.
  3. Substance Abuse Treatment: It is common for at-risk children to abuse drugs. This is because of the circumstances they are in and in the neighborhood they live in – drugs are easily available. Through our services, we can help kids drop this deadly habit.
  4. Counseling: Sometimes all a child need is someone to talk to. Our counseling allows children to vent and express themselves. Just having someone that genuinely cares about you, listen to your problems. This can mean the world for a child who is at risk.
  5. Tutoring: At-risk children typically struggle with school. This is because they have so many other things in their minds. The last thing they want to think about is how to multiply equations when they are stuck trying to survive every day. This is where our tutoring services can help. Not only can we help lift a child out of these terrible conditions, but we can help them achieve success in their academic studies as well.

At-risk children are not criminals, they are our future. We just need to be there to help them reach their greatest potential. If you want to find out how you can help or how we are helping, give us a call at 951-279-3222. Let’s help these kids thrive today!

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