A Message to All Foster Fathers

A Message to All Foster Fathers

Being a father is just like being a mother, minus the pregnancy and the labor. You provide the same nurturing and development to your child as much as mothers would. However, scientists and researchers have pointed out the huge difference between a father’s love from a mother’s love.

But even if that is the case, most fathers recognize that they have to use differentiated approach. Rather than sticking to one, you make use of different resources, skills and abilities to rear your child.

In connection with Father’s Day and behalf of all foster children who have been under a foster dad, here is our message to all foster fathers:

  • Thank you for easing the trauma

    The moment your foster child arrives in your own abode, he or she is frightened. He or she may be at wit’s end, wondering why the transfer was done. Some may loathe themselves because they think they have done something wrong.

    When your foster child entered to your home, you make him or her feel that he or she is part of the family. You made sure that the child has fun. You helped him or her feel at home once again.

  • Thank you for setting time to get to know your foster child

    Time equals love. You know that a person loves you if he or she allocates a time of his or her day for your sake. This is exactly what you did to your foster child.

    Other than asking your little one their favorites, you make sure to get the important information about them. You inquire why the child was transferred to your care. You find out about his or her history. This just shows that you are concerned about your child’s holistic needs.

  • Thank you for being a good role model

    You are your child’s positive role model. There is a story in the eyes of the child under your care. He or she may be a victim of abuse, abandonment and neglect. For this fact, the child’s perception of a parent may be undesirable. However, you changed all that.

    You gave them food to eat, a shelter to protect them from the weather, and above all, you give them your love. There is nothing greater than a love of a family member, especially a love from a foster father.

Community Access Network, Inc. is a Social Services Organization in California committed to giving foster children a beautiful life and a chance to feel love and be loved. We are also a Youth Development Center, as well as a Community Organization that focuses on the positive development of children.

If you want to help make a difference in the life of a child, you can become a foster dad now or you can also donate a small amount of your money. Just visit our website at www.fosterkidscan.org.

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