Parenting Tip: Taming the Tantrums


Just when you thought that the walk in the park would end up in a good light, your toddler suddenly threw a tantrum because he wanted to stay and still play with other kids. Tantrums are inevitable, and most parents could relate at instances wherein their angelic and innocent kids turn into little monsters in one flick of a finger.

Even if you try hard to prevent your toddler from throwing tantrums, there will really be instances where your little kids just lose their cool. When your kids are at the peak of their outbursts, it presents a challenge for you to keep your composure. However, these tips from Community Access Network, a Social Services Organization in California, will help tame your kids and manage your possible meltdown:

  • Ignore Your Kid
    Whenever your kids are screeching and crying incessantly on the floor, your kids are literally out of their mind to the point where their emotions have overpowered their personal judgments. No matter what you do, you can’t really control your child, and you’ll end up losing your cool too if you’ll keep up with their outbursts. The best thing to do is to ignore your kid and wait for the moment where they have cooled down before you begin talking to them again.
  • Don’t Give In
    Never wave that white flag just yet and never give in to the whims of your kids during their tantrums because it will only reinforce their position that tantrums are the surefire and easy way to get around what they want to have, according to most Community Organizations. Even if you feel embarrassed about the way your child is acting up in public, you shouldn’t feel pressured to give in to their demands just so you can soothe them.
  • Don’t Spank or Shout At Your Kids
    Your child needs further disciplining whenever they throw tantrums but do it in such a way that you don’t inflict physical pain or you don’t shout at them. There are so many constructive discipline techniques you could do in order that you can help your child manage their outbursts. You could always act as your child’s role model so they know how to behave properly when out in the public.
  • Talk To Them
    When they have finally cooled down, you can talk to your child in a calm and reassuring voice and ask what bothers them. By talking, you allow them to express the frustrations that they are feeling, which gives your child a sense of reassurance and control of the situation. Although you may be at a boiling point because of the misbehaviors of your child, you need to speak to them in a soothing and calm voice so they don’t play up their outbursts.

Tantrums can occur for a variety of reasons, in different situations. It is a normal happenstance that you should accept as a parent and one which you always need to prepare for. Addressing the tantrums largely depends on its extent and the condition where the child melts down.

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