Why does Mom or Dad Drink?

Why does Mom or Dad Drink?

Drinking at parties or other social gathering is acceptable particularly among the adults. But when there is no party to celebrate with or when there have been too many bottles to count, there might be a problem.

Teachers, authorities and other people tell us that drinking is bad, especially when it has gone over the person’s limit. But why do mom or dad do it in the first place? Why do they spend time getting wasted and destroy not just their lives but also the future waiting ahead of them?

Adults have fun in weird ways. They do these things to express themselves and deal with situations that face them in the real world. Below, we list some of the reasons why your mother or your father drinks alcohol. And we also include the things you can do to help them overcome this problem.

  • They want to feel the effects of the substance

    Getting drunk is not an ordinary feeling. Because the substance is a depressant and a stimulant at the same time, drinking it can make you feel disoriented, happy, and relieved at the same time. Some people wanted to experience that feeling and your mom or dad may be one of them.

    Talk to your parents and have a good conversation with them. Understand their feelings. And determine if there are disturbing and underlying causes.

  • They are stressed

    Now that you think about it, who wants to feel disoriented, happy and relieved at the same time? Nobody, unless you have been feeling stressed the entire day. You just want to drown your problems away in alcohol even for just a single moment. Could this be a reason for your parent’s problem in drinking?

    You can help even if it is just for a little. When they arrive home from work, you can assist them in preparing dinner. And also, keep the house tidy. Nobody wants to go home in a dirty house. That is the least you can do as a son or daughter.

  • They are depressed

    Depression is a mood and when it gets worst, it becomes a clinical problem. There are people who deal with this the right way like going out and changing some points of their day to increase their good hormones. Others do not fare so well and end up making bad decisions like drinking.

    It has been found out that people with certain characteristics are prone to drinking. One of this is depression. People who are depressed are more likely to grab a bottle than those who are not.

    Once again, it is important to talk with your parents. Ask why they are feeling such way. And to help them cope with the feeling, you can initiate an activity that will help lessen their depression. Go out for a walk or run in the neighborhood together. Have a memorable vacation. Surprise them with a treat to the salon.

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