What is an At-Risk Child?

What is an At-Risk Child?

At-risk child is a broad term that includes a number of children who are in situations that are less than ideal. Basically, they are at risk of falling into poverty, crime, and other unsavory things when they should deserve a better life. Community Access Network is a Social Services Organization in California that strives to provide at-risk children a way out of their lives and a way into a better one. Here is what we consider to be at-risk:

  • Abusive Households: Children who live in abusive households are differently at risk. Not only literally and physically, but these children can easily fall into a life of crime or even become traumatized because of what is happening within the home. We strive to look for these children who are being abused or neglected. We aim to either place them in a home that will love them or provide them with the opportunities they need to improve their lives.
  • Homeless: There are many children all across the nation who are homeless. These kids can easily fall into the dark world of drugs, crime, and other unsavory activities. They can also easily fall prey to dangerous people as well. We aim to locate these children and make sure they are able to find a safe and comfortable place where they can stay. We want these kids to be able to focus on improving their lives rather than worrying about surviving until the next day.
  • Poverty: Even children who are with loving families can be considered at risk because of poverty. They may be tempted to commit crimes or join gangs just to improve their financial situation or to help their families out. However, we are here to provide them with a better way.

It is our goal to help at-risk children find the opportunities and the hope they need to become successful in life. We make sure that they do not fall into the dark pit of crime and drugs through our Community Organization.

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