How Foster Care Affects Children


Kids are very sensitive. During their growing years, they are very mindful of their environment, as well as to the people around them. This is the reason why parents have a great impact on the child’s personality and development because what they teach them will determine whether they will be a good or bad person. But what if there is no one who will rear the child?

Foster homes and adoption have helped thousands of children to have a family. They may not be their biological parents but at least they have a mother and father figure. This is essential as they will know what a family looks like and they have someone who will guide them to know what is right and wrong.

At Community Access Network, a Social Services Organization in California, we want every child to have a home. Our passion for foster care is beyond measure and so we want to radiate such passion on you. If you can welcome an angel into your homes, let us know about it.

What are the positive effects of foster care to children?

  • We can eliminate behavioral problems

    When there is no adult who can monitor the children’s behavior, they may go on believing that everything they do is right. Hence, when they intimidate other kids or when they throw tantrums whenever they do not get what they want they will immediately sulk or talk back to parents.

    These are serious behavioral problems among children that can be corrected at a young age. Imagine how you can help bring up better kids in the future if we help in fostering children who are victims of abuse and those who are abandoned by their parents.

  • They are healthy mentally and emotionally

    A child needs both physical and mental guidance. He/she needs parents who can nurture his/her body and provide affection and care. But if parents cannot give the child with that, he or she will always try to look for it somewhere.

    A healthy mind makes a child more enthusiastic about life and allows him or her to do better in school and even in their social life. He/she will also be more optimistic in seeing things.

    Isn’t it a wonder to see a child smiling and having fun? It is important for your little one to enjoy childhood as it will be something that he/she can cherish forever.

For more information about foster care and how to become a foster parent, you can channel your queries to Community Access Network, a Youth Development Center. For details, you can check our website at or call us at 951-279-3222.

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