Why is My Family Broken?

Why is My Family Broken?

There are times when we are asked to introduce ourselves to strangers. And in this certain circumstances, we say our name and all the basic things there is to know about us like where we come from and our birthday. You get the idea.

The thing is, some of these new acquaintances unintentionally ask sensitive questions such as how our parents are. We cannot blame them. Everybody cannot exist in this world in the first place if they do not have parents to bring them here. And the fact is, we do not have parents. Or if we do, it is usually a case of “oh I live with my mom” or “I’m living with my dad.”

This is an extremely familiar situation. And believe us, we know the feeling. We know you stare enviously as children play with both their mom and dad in the park. We know you feel restless knowing that teachers during parent and teacher conferences will always begin with the question “where is your mom/dad?

That is why we cannot blame you why you keep asking yourself: why is my family broken?

1. Mom and dad are not happy living with each other anymore

There are times when the whole family is happy in each other’s presence. And when you look back into this moment, you cannot help but feel the blissfulness of seeing the big smiles on everyone’s faces. But all of those things are in the past. Now, mom and dad are no longer together.

People change as time goes by. And this is the same with their feelings. The love your parents share for you is different than the love shared by your parents as a husband and wife. Mom and dad will always love you but they may lose that love towards each other.

2. Mom or dad may love another person as a partner

There are times when we get angry at that one particular person who has been the reason why mom and dad do not love each other anymore. We may point our finger at them but let us not. After all, we cannot control or command a person to love another person.

In other terms, mom or dad may be in love with another person. And the thought of living together with a person you do not love anymore is extremely unbearable for them.

3. The problem mom and dad share cannot be fixed

There are those problems mom and dad could not fix together, no matter how hard they try. And in these times, they have concluded that the only action they can do is to live separately from one another.

None of the reasons why dad and mom are getting a divorce includes you. They love you and they have expressed this love for you unconditionally in the past, in the present, and even in the days to come.

It may be hard but you need to know that there are people out there who are willing to help you overcome the sadness, grief, and depression you feel because of a broken family. Aside from that, some people are also willing to give you financial aid. And there are also those who share the same experience as you. So you are not alone in this.

Community Access Network, Inc. is a community organization focusing on helping kids cope with a transition in their lives. It includes transitions such as living with divorced parents, reuniting with a family member suffering from addiction and much more.

As a youth development center, we want all children to have a normal development throughout their lives and this includes children from broken families. We help inspire them as we bring them happiness and continually empower them to be the finest versions of themselves.

If you want to seek help from our Social Services Organization in California, you can call us at 951-279-3222.

Living at home should not be equal to living in pain and suffering. Give us a chance to help change things in your life and the lives of your family members.

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