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5 Things to Remember Before Foster Parenting

By this time, you must be considering the possibility of being a foster parent to a child who is not even related to you by blood. Taking care of a child is never easy, so you must think about this … Continue reading

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What is an At-Risk Child?

At-risk child is a broad term that includes a number of children who are in situations that are less than ideal. Basically, they are at risk of falling into poverty, crime, and other unsavory things when they should deserve a … Continue reading

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Providing Hope to Children

There are countless at-risk children across the nation without hope for a better life but Community Access Network is a Social Services Organization in California that is striving to reach out to these children and give them the hope they … Continue reading

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Parenting Tip: Taming the Tantrums

Just when you thought that the walk in the park would end up in a good light, your toddler suddenly threw a tantrum because he wanted to stay and still play with other kids. Tantrums are inevitable, and most parents … Continue reading

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