Cyber Incident

On or about February 26, 2021, Community Access Network (“CAN”) became aware of a cyber incident that impacted its servers and caused the system to be shut down. This was a ransomware attack and CAN worked with law enforcement, breach counsel, and a forensic cyber vendor to investigate, resolve, and remediate the system and restore it to its functional status with added security.

Although the cyber hacker assured CAN that any exfiltrated data was destroyed, CAN is providing notice to all impacted persons with exposed data (>500). CAN is sending statutory mail notifications to all persons who may have had exposure of sensitive Personal Identifiable Information (PII) such as social security number or Personal Health Information (PHI).
There is a small group of clients (>35) who had PHI exposure from using CAN’s services who we have no way to contact.

2019 and 2020 for Foster Family Agency
2009 and 2016 for STRTP (Group Home)
2009 and 2012 for Mental Health Clients

CAN values the trust our clients place in our ability to protect your personal information. Any person who wants more information may contact this toll-free number 1-833-718-2651 or email us at CYBERINCIDENT@CANFFA.ORG for more information.