Saving One’s Marriage from Psychological Incapacity

Saving One’s Marriage from Psychological Incapacity

Have you ever heard of the valid reasons for a divorce? One of the most common reasons for a couple’s divorce is psychological incapacity. Psychological incapacity means that one has an inability to keep up with the obligations as a spouse. If psychological incapacity is a ground for divorce, can you still save a marriage?

  • Reach an agreement

    There’s no harm in trying. You can never change a person’s attitude or heart. But if you want a marriage to work, then it takes two to tango. You can’t do this all by yourself. You have to reach out to your partner, even if it means eating up your pride. You need to agree on some terms, such as your needs and his/her needs. Think of it as a truce or a contract signing. If a face-to-face meeting is impossible, you can send him a letter, ask some family members or friends to help, or spontaneously appear at his doorstep.

  • Create a new relationship

    Think about why you married the person. Sure, a lot of things have changed throughout the years, but you have to remember why this marriage existed in the first place. Gather your courage and love as you try to win back your partner’s heart. Remember that no one in this world is perfect. If you want to save your marriage with your partner, you have to embrace his/her flaws and fight every battle together. Create a new relationship and pour out the love you have for your partner.

  • Reflect on yourself

    It’s not always about the other person. You must reflect on your own share of mistakes and struggles. If you want the marriage to be saved, you should also improve yourself and become the best version of yourself for your partner.

  • Think about others involved

    Marriage is complex. Other people like your in-laws, your own children, your friends, and other members of the household are affected once your marriage goes sour. Think about these people and what they have got to say about your marriage. If possible, have them help you in saving the marriage.

  • Counselling

    When things go awry, you can seek the help of professionals like guidance counselors, social workers, psychologists, and religious authorities. Professionals know more about effective ways of saving a marriage. They won’t sprinkle magic on your marriage to make things right. They will push both of you until you fall back into each other’s arms.

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